Historic Modernization in Midtown
Richard and Bethany
Fall 2018

Historic Modernization in Midtown

Richard and Bethany undertook a complete renovation when they purchased a home in the Kansas City's historic Midtown. The renovation involved updating every room while maintaining the character of the home. The project was aimed at modernizing the space while also preserving the historical integrity of the property.

Throughout this renovation, our team paid close attention to the historical details of the home, ensuring that any updates were in line with the original design of the property. To accomplish this, our renovation team worked tirelessly to preserve original features of the home, such as the intricate moldings, doors, and windows. The team also added modern touches, such as updated lighting fixtures, state-of-the-art appliances, and contemporary finishes to bring the space up-to-date. The end result was a beautiful and functional space that honored the character of the home while offering modern amenities.

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Client testimonial

We chose Gibler Construction because it’s an honest and trustworthy business. They treat construction on your home like it was their own home, and they never cut corners. We will never go anywhere else!

Richard and Bethany