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Our process

At Gibler Construction, we view a home as an extension of the homeowner. Whether you are welcoming new life into your home or simply want a change, adding more space allows you to keep your roots planted in the home you’ve already created. We work to ensure your home’s addition reflects the quality, style, and character of your current space — while enhancing your home.

3 Initial Steps to Building Your Addition 

Step 1 — Discovery Meeting

We love this meeting. It is a time when we get to know you — what inspires you, your vision, goals, and dreams. You will also get to know us, and we will walk you through every step of our process.

Step 2 — Planning

In this meeting, we’ll review your project's scope of work, finalize floor plans, walk through the selection guide and construction process, and review the schedule and budget. This stage is full of anticipation, and believe us, we are just as excited as you are! 

Step 3 — Breaking Ground

Once the initial steps are complete, we will break ground on your new addition! After we break ground, you can expect weekly updates, monthly budget reviews, and real-time access to your project’s schedule and selections. Every step of the way, we will uphold our promise to integrity and keep you in-the-know. 

Start Growing Your Home, Today

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What our clients say about our work

“We have no hesitation recommending Gibler Construction”

By the end, you’ll want to be friends with Bob and the team - they’re truly great folks. What stood out to us the most about working with the Gibler team is the integrity they have in their work and for their clients.

Matt & Kai
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